The Governing Council sets the fee. For 2018 fees are $100 per term.
Payment can be made by cash, cheque or direct debit, in full or in monthly instalments as well as through Centrepay.

Children need to wear weather-appropriate clothing which will protect them from the sun in summer, and keep them warm in winter. Clothing should be suitable for climbing, running and getting dirty. Shoes must be also comfortable for climbing and running. Thongs are not suitable.
Hats must be worn if the UV index is 3 or over. Sunglasses may be worn. Sunscreen is provided, however children with allergies may bring specific sunscreen products from home.

Children need lunch plus a morning and an afternoon snack. These may be fruit, vegetables, sandwiches etc.  As per our Healthy Food Policy, unsuitable foods such as cakes, chips, chocolates and sweet biscuits will be returned to the child’s bag to be eaten at home.
Due to high levels of allergies in the population we ask that no peanut products be sent to kindy.

Children with allergies, asthma and other health issues must provide a detailed prescription from their doctor plus their medication which will be kept in a named pocket or the fridge. Medications will be administered by two staff members and recorded.

Parents and Caregivers are responsible for enrolling their child in the school of their choice during the first term.

Yes with priority given to Elizabeth East and Hillbank residents. A waiting list is consulted if numbers allow.

Children may start kindy when they turn four before 30th April in their kindy year.

Yes we provide Occasional Care sessions for 2 and 3 year olds.

Kindergarten is not compulsory, but four year olds are eligible for up to 4 terms in the calendar year starting in January.

4 year olds are eligible to attend 15 hours per week. This usually amounts to two and a half days. The day runs from 8.45am to 2.45pm.

No, we charge a late fee for children that are not picked up promptly as outlined in the Late Pick Up Policy.

Yes, we are always happy for parents to be involved.

All children should be toilet trained when starting kindergarten (not Occasional Care). Children with health issues need to present the kindy with a continence plan from their doctor/health specialist it is to help and inform educators about what kind of assistance the child may need.

Only people who are listed on the enrolment form are able to collect the child. Any new person will be asked for ID and parents need to advise us prior.

A hard copy of a court order must be provided to the director in the case of any family disputes.

EEK follows DECD cyber policy. Parent consent must be obtained for staff to take and or publish photographs of children.

All educators employed at the kindy will work with each child.

DECD support services provide support for the children within the centre through programs which are based on children’s needs.  EEK staff also work in collaboration with outside organisations to further support children with special needs.

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