Families who are interested in enrolling their child at Elizabeth East Kindergarten are invited to make a time to visit and meet with the Elizabeth East Kindergarten team to find out about the kindergarten e.g. curriculum and policies. The information session for all parents enrolling their children at Elizabeth East Kindergarten is offered at the beginnig of term 4.

The priorities of access are for the children from Elizabeth East and Hillbank areas. A copy of the child’s birth certificate must be provided.

If the Preschool enrolments are at capacity children’s names will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which they are received.

If you would like to record your child’s name on to  pre-enrolment list, please fill out and submit the form. [Form]


For more information visit: Types of childcare.

Keeping parents informed

Parents/caregivers will be provided with any relevant information through Regular Newsletters, short individual notices placed in the “parents” pockets, emails, phone calls. We advise parents to check their kindy pockets regularly and visit the web page for updates and other important information.


Permission slips

General permission slips relating to the children’s activity/health at kindy are provided for parents to sign. In case of an excursion or event etc. a specific permission slip will be provided.



Fee Contracts are presented to families. Families are to pay $100 per term as agreed upon by the Governing Council. The fees should be paid as per contract e.g. centapay, cash, direct deposit. For absences over 2 weeks (if advised by parents in advance), fees can be reduced.

Fees are used to support children’s curriculum resources.


Late pick up fees

As per our policy, late fees apply. Please be on time to avoid disappointment.  Governing council agreed to $10 fee for the first 15 min. and then $1 every minute after that.


Food at kindy

No food with nuts, no peanut butter, Nutella, or even traces of nuts (check packages for traces of nuts). Foods with nuts will be sent home.
Junk food and juices are not healthy for children, they contain too much sugar, salt and preservative enhancements and colour. Fruit/vegetable eg. apple, banana, strawberry, carrot, capsicum, healthy sandwiches with good quality meats, cheeses (not processed food), are the best for our diet, but especially the children’s diet. Often children in the kindergarten will observe what other children eat (e.g. carrot), then they will finally try it at home. The Elizabeth East Kindergarten staff/parents at times also prepare healthy meals at kindy as per curriculum, to support a healthy diet.


Storage of food

We ask parents to follow Elizabeth East Kindergarten healthy food policy (see policy).
The Elizabeth East Kindergarten is fortunate to provide a fridge for children’s food. Therefore, make sure that lunch food and 2nd snack food is placed in a clearly marked lunch box, recyclable friendly container or clearly marked bag and placed in the fridge. 

Children will have the opportunity to eat at kindy as often as they want to but there are 3 main breaks for food during full time sessions (all days) – morning snack period, lunch period, and afternoon snack period. All children eat together (no play) and we follow the same routine during each eating period. The children eat (healthy) food brought from home. The children’s food is not reheated at kindy.
If a child doesn’t have food while at kindy, the staff will offer a child a healthy option.



Drinking Water is available for children at all times while they are at the centre. No other drinks will be provided at kindy (except on health professional orders). Children may also choose to bring their own bottled water.


Regular attendance

It is important that children attend kindergarten regularly to build a healthy habit of learning and responsibility, furthermore it is easier to develop friendships. If your child is unwell or unable to attend we need to be informed as we need to keep an updated record. Long unexplained nonattendances will result in offering the child’s place at the kindergarten to another child on the waiting list.


What to wear

As a general rule, dress is according to weather conditions.

Children must wear hats outside (available from the kindergarten for $16) T- shirts can be purchased through the kindy for $27 each.

During term 4 and 1 (as per UV), and short sleeves (not sleeveless), and comfortable sport shoes or sneakers for easy and safe participation in outside activities. Children are allowed to take their shoes off while playing in the sandpit, grass area and mud kitchen.

The children may have spare clothes in their bags (if needed). All children’s belongings are to be labelled. Parents are responsible for providing appropriate clothes for children to make sure that they are weather and play friendly.


Lost property

Any items left behind at the kindergarten will be placed in the “lost property box”. Therefore please do not bring any unnecessary items as the kindergarten staff is not responsible for children’s belongings (see lost policy).